1 Week Update

1 Week Update


One week ago today, almost to the hour, you heard a call to action. In just seven short days, you have responded to levels none of us could have imagined! Your letters, e-mails, phone calls, shares, and other social media actions, have spawned a WORLD WIDE movement to force @GavinNewsom to reverse course, and keep the California Veterans Home-Barstow open.

You have done an admiral job of putting aside partisan politics. In this age of political division and individual agendas, you have shown the nation that with a common goal, the walls of division can be destroyed for the common good of ALL.

When my wife encouraged me to act and fight for the home, I did not know where to start. We consulted with other members of the community to choose a course of action. The result of Michelle’s encouragement and the strategy we conceived as an admin team, has resulted in you all forming a most formidable lobbying force!

On behalf of YOUR entire admin team, the residents and employees of the home, and veterans all over the world, I personally thank you for your efforts. I also encourage each of you to fight harder than you have. Continue to reach out to elected officials. Continue to send our UNITED, NON-PARTISAN, and SINGULAR message to all who will hear it.

You are all great Patriots. As with my brethren from the fight in Iraq, we are humbled and honored to serve beside each of you in this fight to #savebarstowvetshome!! We must all remember, #veteransfirst!!

Blessings to All of You. -David Jensen