Barstow Veterans Home Stakeholders’ Meeting – Admin Update

Barstow Veterans Home Stakeholders’ Meeting – Admin Update

I was a willing participant in today’s Stakeholder meeting regarding to proposed closure of the Veterans Home. To say it was “productive” would be false. But, as a small encouragement, CalVet sought me out and I pray that I represented each of you in a meaningful and effective way. Let me say this, they are not happy that we are pushing back and they are back peddling. Many issues with the closure were expressed by reps from Barstow College, Barstow Community Hospital, San Bernardino County Veterans Affairs, and others. Not one person in the meeting was in support of the closure. The negative impact of the proposed closure was expressed by each and every person on the call. However, CalVet made the comment that they were expecting a much larger level of participation. They were advised that the 11 that actually joined the meeting were backed by THOUSANDS!! That is a credit to each of you. Be assured, I will not hesitate to share the login information for the next meeting. If they want a long call, we can deliver, correct?Also, there is an email address you can each add to your “pen pal”

You are encouraged to share that email with everyone you know and begin the info assault. Do not be derogatory or disrespectful, but please tell CalVet why they can’t close our home. They asked for input, I asked you all to oblige them, early and often! Thanks to everyone who participated. My favorite moment was when the first caller, asked the special advisor, “Are you going to lose YOUR home?” I almost had to hang up because I didn’t feel I could add much more to that.

More to come, Patriots! Stay the course…..#savebarstowveteranshome #veteransfirst

-David Jensen


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