Memorial Day Rally: Thank You!

Memorial Day Rally: Thank You!


Just WOW!!

You Patriots know that I try to speak in terms of we, us, team, etc. From the beginning of our efforts, YOU all have made great contributions and have been very active to make positive change. Today, I have to be singular in my praise.

First, we ALL owe a huge debt of gratitude to my life partner, wife, best friend and first accomplice, Michelle Gerardi-Jensen. Those of you that know me best, often hear me refer to, “my queen.” Today, she is OUR queen. She inspired me to act, just as she inspired me to act when I joined the Navy. Without her inspiration, prayer, encouragement and love for this community, yesterday would have simply been another Memorial Day in Barstow.
I love you and thank you, “OUR” Queen.

Her and I have a great team that put in large amounts of time and work for yesterday’s Rolling Rally. The insane amount of behind the scenes work included phone calls, emails, face time, messenger, research, and virtual meetings is staggering. But the four other members of our leadership team did things I never thought possible in such short time.

Our Mayor, Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre, deserves the thanks and praise as she did a great deal of the yeoman’s work. She opened many avenues of communication and facilitated many key partnerships to make the rally happen. After the inspiration from my wife, Julie made it happen! Thank you, Mayor.

Mr. Tim Heiden, who many of you recognize as our “Welcome Wagon” in the group, played a role as chief strategist, contributor and chaplain during this entire process. He spent countless hours managing our Facebook page and approving new members. Most importantly, he spent much of
his time seeking the counsel of God, praying for our entire team and encouraging us all. His experience in other community out reach projects was invaluable to this event and our entire movement.
Thanks, Tim!

Mr. Allen Watson. Our unofficial “Sergeant at Arms” was instrumental in so many areas. He played a major role in keeping us all on task, utilizing his resources and always participating and advising despite having a full time job and many other interests and obligations. Allen was one of the first members of this team. He and his lovey wife, Patrice took full charge of the parking situation and the confusion, yesterday. Their actions made a sticky situation a lot better. Thanks to both of you!

Mrs. Cindy Salbino was a late addition to our admin and planning team. Once she was brought up to speed and was familiarized with our plan, she came in, offered great advice. Her planning of previous events and tireless efforts led to many late night texts and ideas that helped put the finishing touches on the project.

More thanks coming, I just wanted to get this out there.

Dave J